© 2011 Kandy’s Korner   Relax, and slip away for a five minute vacation. Yeah, right. The only way I know how to do that is to lose myself in a thought. In fact, Aunt Sandy says I spend a lot of time lost in thought. Or maybe, it was my thoughts were lost. Something like that. At least I think that’s what she said. I’m Uncle Mike, and I’ll be your cruise director for these five minutes.  Please excuse the mess around here. I’m not, nor do I even pretend to be a website maker. But it’s the on-going results of the best that an old grump, a souped-up Commodore 64,  and some cheap website software can come up with. As I get better, the site will get better. That’s the theory, anyway. At least, that’s what it said on the back of the box the software came in.   For those in the know, I’m the same Uncle Mike from Kandy’s Korner.  For the rest of you, I’m an old grump who takes a fairly sarcastic view of things. I dabble in a lot, what’s the old cliche; a jack of all trades, a master of none? Yeah, that fits. Or at least work as an excuse. So sit back, poke around, have a laugh or two, find a thought, some inspiration, or just waste five minutes clicking on stuff. It’s up to you; it’s your Five Minute Vacation.
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If you’re looking for a daily dose of blabbering, check out our blog HERE    So, let me explain how to find things around here. I found this icon somewhere in the bowels of the internet, and thought a jack-ass philosopher made the perfect logo. Not only for me, but for the site as well. I know it works. Aunt Sandy said I was the first person she thought of when she heard the words; Jack-Ass Philosopher. When you see him poking around here, it’s usually a message from me. Something new, a favorite thought, or some other irrelevant blabbering.   The instruction sheet that came with the software said this is the Home Page, and I need to tell people how the site is layed out, so they can ‘quickly find what they are looking for’. Well, good luck with that.  Let’s see; over on the left you can find the day of the week you would like to take your vacation. I have found each day of the week is unique and we offer a different outlook for each day of the week. You can also find other stuff that the software says I needed and threw it in. There is the same thing at the top of most pages. However, being the devout skeptic that I am, I’m looking ahead and  preparing the site for when the illiterate dominate the internet. I’ve seen the yahoo comment boards, so I know the day is coming. And soon. So I stuck pictures everywhere.     For our passenger’s convenience, I stuck little houses everywhere. If, at anytime you find yourself lost during your five minutes with us, just click on the little house. It will bring you back to your port of embarkation; here. From here, you can exit to the rest of the internet in whatever conveyance you choose.  If you don’t want to come back here yet, click on the Jack-Ass Philosopher, and he will take you to the blog to see whatever it is I’m blabbering about today.      As for the rest of it, I tried to use pictures that made sense. For instance, click on the pile of money, it takes you to a page full of stuff about money. The pictures make sense to me, but I’m an old grump who stays lost in thought. Hey, take a chance, click on a picture. A vacation is for exploring. If you get lost, just click on the house.   Some of our extra pages;    As for the other sights you will see on your five minute vacation; the big pictures are there for your amusement. You can click on them, and a full page graphic will pop up for you to use and abuse to your content. Quotes and blabberings mostly. Quotes are a common currency in the Jack Ass Philosophy business, and I’m a fan of them.  Here is a sample of what you may find during your five minutes here. The images are hosted on imgur, so they are safe and easy to use. Go ahead, click on the picture, play with it. Print it, post it, share it, whatever you choose. They are provided for our passenger’s amusement, amazement, and enjoyment.     And now, I would like to direct your attention to our stores and sponsors. Clicking on these are not only allowed, but they are encouraged. If you have enjoyed your time with us, patronizing our vendors, sponsors and merchants will go a long way to help keep this rickety old boat floating. Some of the offers you will find during your excursions.
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